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Weekly Horoscope for October 24 - 30, 2022 Every Zodiac Sign

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Welcome to the weekly horoscope for all the signs of the zodiac. Boom! Scorpio and everything it represents comes. On October 23, the sun enters Scorpio and brings a few friends along for the journey.

We look at Venus in Scorpio – on day one, then New Moon in Scorpio and square with Moon Pluto. It’s like a mix of passionate efforts all happening at the same time.

Some of these passion games will look like jealousy in someone else’s supposedly good love life, and others will look like great successes at work. It all depends on how we convert the energy.

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There will be a few moments where we can only call it ‘antagonistic’ as we look at so much Pluto energy, especially around midweek. Anticipate quarrels with coworkers and uncomfortable disagreements on the home front.

A big “Failure!” Yes. Oops, we did it again.

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We have good luck with the Moon trine Jupiter together with the Moon in Sagittarius to help us find what is good in all the darkness and mud. The week has so many promises and could potentially be great; What is required of us this week is patience, resilience, and the willingness to step back, think first, and then move forward.