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Taylor Swift's new song 'Anti-Hero' has personal and enigmatic lyrics, and the internet has some thoughts

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Although he was released only a day ago, midnightTaylor Swift’s tenth studio album is a critical and commercial success. Songs like “Lavender Haze” and “Sweet Nothing” are about love and revenge, while “Anti-Hero” sees Swift fighting herself. So of course, it shook the internet.

as the lead single midnight, about “Anti-Hero” Swift’s insecurities and anxieties in life, both publicly and privately. The song itself has been described as a clash of synthpop, neurotic image analysis and intense lyricism combined by a “methodical drum loop” and “boiling synths”. The piece is depressingly relatable, as Swift deals with fear of nothing happening, worrying about everything, and doubting those she trusts most.


Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ is here. Let’s talk about those fan theories.

On Instagram, Swift said the track was her favorite on the album. “This song is really a true guided tour of everything I hate about myself. We all hate things about ourselves,” she said. “So yeah, I really like ‘Anti-Hero’ because I think it’s really honest.”

Swifties and pop heads spent countless hours smashing every line and sentence in “Anti-Hero” (and we don’t even include their own easter egg-filled music video). Each lyrical comment paints a different picture, depending on who you’re talking to, what app you’re using, and how much Taylor Swift lore you know. So to help anyone who isn’t in the loop, we’ve compiled the web’s best (and hottest) reviews of the most confusing lines from “Anti-Hero.”

Got something I’m getting older, but never wiser

Does old age mean maturity? Swift doesn’t think that’s the case for him. According to Swift-savvy Twitter users, this is a feeling Swift has expressed in her music for years. “I’ve never grown up, she’s getting old,” Swift says in her 2019 song “Archer.”

In the past, the singer’s actions were described by critics as “immature” and “small” after the release of the 2017 single “Look What You Made Me Do”. One critic described the song as “the rambling talk of a humiliated and warlike teenage girl”.

It’s me, hello / it’s me, it’s me

Getting down to the chorus is the lyrics that will dominate your Tiktok stream for the next few weeks. Opinions on the correct interpretation of this verse differ according to the listener’s point of view. For some, the lyrics are Swift’s intrusive thoughts that she knows she’s the problem and is actually an anti-hero. “It must have been exhausting to root for the anti-hero,” he later says in the chorus.


Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ video is a vulnerable portrayal of the inner critic.

This phrase is repeated at the end of the piece, but the vocals show that he’s tired of always admitting that he’s the problem.

In context, the joke circulating on the internet is that for every breakup she’s had, Swift writes an album about the relationship. Swift has had many relationships with celebrities in the past and has at times been unfairly and excessively criticized for her dating life and using it as material in her songs.

Probably the most relevant line on the track for many, Twitter users are letting them know they don’t like Swift calling them that way.

Sometimes I feel like everyone is a sexy baby

This is the line that confuses the Internet the most. When you first listen to it, it’s weird, jarring, and pops up out of nowhere. Social media users have defended this, noting that the line “And I’m a monster on the hill / Too big to hang out, I’m slowly lurching towards your favorite city” followed by the lyric is a commentary on the sexualization of youth. innocence.

The words “sexy babe” are itself a possible reference to this scene in the movie. 30 Rock As pointed out by Twitter user @parkersrodrigo. In the section entitled “TGS Hates WomenLiz Lemon (Tina Fey) hires a writer named Abby (Cristin Milioti) to join TGS with the Tracy Jordan team. However, after the meeting, Lemon accuses Abby of posing as a “sexy doll” to get the attention of men.

Whether it’s a direct reference or not, the tragic notion still exists that men nurture young women and value women only for their attractiveness, resulting in self-confidence issues in young girls who try to placate the male gaze. Reddit users on the r/TaylorSwift subreddit agree:

In my dream my bride kills me for money / She thinks I left them in her will / The family gathers and reads…

This is perhaps the most talked about lyric on the entire album.

Fans noted that there is a striking similarity between these words on the bridge of the song and the 2019 movie. Knives Out. The image of a will reading supposedly gone bad resonates in the will reading scene. Knives Out.

However, while the music video expands on what Swift meant by her dream, some fans have their own ideas about exactly who Swift’s dream bride is:

A pretty apt summary of the reaction to the album as a whole. Those words are definitely about Swift herself, but maybe, just maybe, us fans fit in there too.