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T20 World Cup 2022 - Ind vs Pak - Drama in death

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It swayed wildly, now in one direction, the next moment in the other. From 12 to 31. Harris Rauf. Just three of his first four balls. That made it 28 out of eight. Advantage Pakistan. “Wait,” Virat Kohli said. Bang, and bang and it was 6 to 4 p.m. that day it fell into the hands of Mohammad Nawaz, the weak link in the Pakistan offensive… and drama! Here’s how Karthik Krishnaswamy He recorded the incredible final two-over match between India and Pakistan at the MCG with ESPNcricinfo’s top-to-bottom commentary.

18.1: Haris Rauf to Hardik, 1 run
Opening into the lane, the long ball sits deep in his curve and hits straight across the floor to deep midfield

18.2: Haris Rauf to Kohli, 1 run
Length ball outside, slapped on bounce to deep guard point

18.3: Haris Rauf to Hardik, no escape
Extra bounce. Short outside and ball beat Hardik’s uppercut attempt

18.4: Haris Rauf to Hardik, 1 run
Rigid length., angled to body. I can’t pull it off, it just manages to send a long dribble from the tag of the stick

18.5: Haris Rauf to Kohli, SIX run
OK, wow. Has Kohli ever hit a better shot in T20 cricket? The length ball ends on the bail, and Kohli punches it with an almost straight stick, just behind the bowler’s head. It rotates the hip a bit and carries the rope easily, like Jos Buttler did

18.6: Haris Rauf to Kohli, SIX run
Plump, angled to the leg stump, and the Kohli caused the MCG to explode into pure noise. A flick of the wrist and the ball floats over the border to the left of the slender leg. Wow!

Fifteen done. Twelve of the last two balls. And in this final, where Mohammad Nawaz will play bowling, the number drops to 16. What an incredible game this was. Virat Kohli played what an innings.

Mohammad Rizwan stands behind the wheel! Deep extra drape, long, long, cow corner, deep square foot is back.

19.1: Nawaz to Hardik, EXIT
I got it, what a blow for Pakistan! Flat has speared into the pads and Hardik completely loses his shape as he tries to throw it to the leg side. To the fielder at the point of protecting the sides and ball balloons

Hardik Pandya c Babar Azam b Mohammad Nawaz 40 (37b 1×4 2×6) SD: 108.1

And when the new T20I rules apply, even if the shooters pass, it will be Dinesh Karthik, not Kohli, to strike. DK isn’t the best start against spin, usually…

19.2: Nawaz to Karthik, 1 run
He fires a full shot at chest level on the track and encounters. Would it be this high if it stood in its normal position? Probably not. Scrolled down for a long time

Kohli is on strike. Fifteen to win four balls. Fourteen to tie. Nawaz is basically the left arm middle of bowling.

19.3: Nawaz to Kohli, 2 runs
They need a border on almost every ball, but they only get two here. It’s a very full, almost wide yorker and Kohli pulls it down long across the floor

19.4: Nawaz to Kohli, (without the ball) SIX runs
Gone for full shot, full shot and six!!!! Only went for six, but still went for six! A full shot with a stump open and quite high – it’s called no ball!!! – and Kohli tosses it to the leg side. Deep square leg jumps to his right, reaches out for the ball to attempt to return it to play, but still falls beyond the rope

Babar has a heated argument with the referees. Was it above waist level? A tight call, I would think.

All of a sudden India needs 6 discount 3. A huge difference from 13 to 3.

19.4: Nawaz to Kohli, 1 width
Now he’s playing wide bowling! All the pressure is on the poor bowler and he tries to keep him out of Kohli’s reach, but he eventually throws his wide yorker beyond the offside tram line.

19.4: Nawaz to Kohli, 3 bays
Shot him, but free shot! And when the shot comes from the third man zone, they run to three!!! The hail angles towards the log and Kohli misses the sweep attempt. But he knows it’s a free kick, and he hits the road like DK at full speed. The ball rolls between the goalkeeper and the short third and takes three byes.

Wow. While DK was on strike, it’s now down to two by two. Absolutely incredible scenes in G. Is Pakistan bringing in field players to get them in the ring? No, there are only four in the circle. The goalie is back on the logs.

19.5: Nawaz to Karthik, EXIT
I caught it, a stump from the pads!!! Going straight, leg angled downwards, following DK’s movement to make room. He looks like he’s going to sweep and the ball pops out of the pad behind the little goalie. And Rizwan is wary of the fact that DK has recovered from his wrinkle. What a moment. When Rizwan picks up the ball, he is quite low on his leg and falls to his right to complete the shot.

Dinesh Karthik st †Mohammad Rizwan b Mohammad Nawaz 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SD: 50

whodathunkit R Ashwin will face the final ball, two runs required. One to connect. There are still only four people in the circle.

19.6: Nawaz to Ashwin, 1 wide
And Nawaz in a large bowl!!!! He’s waiting for Ashwin to try and make room, maybe, and he’ll send a straight, fast one to the leg side. Ashwin watches her pass by and the MCG explodes once again!

There are now seven field players in the circle.

19.6: Nawaz to Ashwin, 1 run
And Ashwin is clearing one of those home players!!! What a cool, collected and elegant finish!!! The hail angles the logs and Ashwin frees up some room and picks up the ball in the middle. What a finish! What a damn game!!!

Virat Kohli. A few weeks ago there were people (including me) asking if India would be part of the T20I roster. There’s a reason I’m not coach or picky. Let’s go back to the seventh day of this cycle. India is 31 to 4 and is definitely not going anywhere. Then there was a partnership between Kohli and Hardik Pandya that lasted through the ages, and when it came to an end, with eight balls down to 28, it was Kohli who found his way to the border. Two sixes in a row from the excellent Haris Rauf and that put all the pressure on Mohammad Nawaz, whose last shot was left behind.