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Putin's Last Hope to Win in Ukraine A GOP Victory in November

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Vladimir Putin is fighting on two fronts. Sure, the East loses badly in Ukraine, but in the West – at least on the political front that goes through every poll in America – things are looking for the Russian dictator.

Although the resilience, courage and skill of the Ukrainian military pushes Putin to take increasingly desperate and immoral measures to prevent further humiliation on the battlefield, a glimmer of hope may be on the horizon. And it is provided by the Republican Party leadership.

“The GOP cavalry is coming! Hang on, Vlad!” is the clear message sent by Republican leaders like House Minority Leader (who may soon become House Speaker) Kevin McCarthy. In an interview with Punchbowl News, McCarthy said:

“I think people will be in a recession and not write blank checks to Ukraine. They won’t do that… Ukraine is important, but at the same time, that can’t be the only thing they do, and it can’t be a blank check.”

Based on the statements of McCarthy and others in the party leadership, it is now reasonable to assume that if Republicans regain control of one or both houses of the US Congress, they will reduce vitally needed support for Ukraine. And of course, if Washington pulls back in support of Kiev, it would be disastrous for Ukraine’s attempts to resist Putin’s invasion and could ruin that country’s heroic efforts to remain an independent democracy.

And all this can happen just when a stunned and isolated Putin really needs all the help he can get.

Ukrainian troops continue to make gains against the Russians, and as Russia falters, new opportunities are emerging for them. The Ukrainian army is getting closer and closer to recapturing the key city of Kherson. Putin’s efforts to support his military through conscription are going badly – out of place where they’re going horribly. Given how ill-equipped and untrained they are, it’s also unlikely that the new recruits will be of much help to Russia’s war effort.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy holds his weekly press conference in the US Capitol in Washington DC on March 9, 2022

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There is more criticism in the Russian media of the failures of the Russian military. And where there is no criticism, the government-friendly Russian experts do. grotesque, cruel proposals that their homeland is engaged in even more genocidal attacks on Ukraine. Russian attacks on Ukrainian power stations destroy millions of electricity, experiencing the opposite of the intended effect and inspiring greater Ukraine’s determination. It was seen as a gesture that Putin declared martial law in four regions of Ukraine, which he claimed but had neither legitimate claims nor control over. Washington postit will probably create a “small change in Russia’s fate on the battlefield”.

In the face of this, instead of hailing Ukraine’s progress (with the support of the United States and many Western allies) against a sworn American enemy, Republican leaders are now choosing to question that support. On the right, the view that Ukraine is of minor concern and a waste of American taxpayers’ money is steadily growing.

Last May, 57 Republicans voted against the $40 billion aid package for Ukraine, and since the invasion in February, polls have more than tripled the number of self-identified Republicans who believe the United States is giving Ukraine too much support. . While Biden administration officials hope bipartisan support for aid to Ukraine is valid, McCarthy’s comments are alarming, according to the Politico report.

A Ukrainian soldier waves the Ukrainian national flag as he stands atop an armored personnel carrier in Hostomel, Ukraine, April 8, 2022.

Alexey Furman/Getty

After all, stopping aid to Ukraine was the signature decision of the leader of the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump (even if what he did was illegal and led to his initial impeachment).

And many in the GOP have enjoyed Russian support over the years, as has Trump. This in turn led GOP politicians to work hard for Russian philanthropists. And even if Russia has treated Ukraine brutally, it has sparked a series of defenses by Putin from the right of Trump and MAGA. (The dark irony of all this is that the GOP hopes to triumph in November by creating public frustration with inflation, a phenomenon that is not only global and largely beyond the control of Democrats or anyone in Congress. It was made much worse by Putin.)

American voters need to understand that what will be voted on in November is not just US democracy, but the fate of democracies everywhere threatened by Putin and his Autocratic Axis.

A recent interview with columnist Christopher Coldwell by Isaac Chotiner New Yorker From his perceived role as an ally in the culture wars to the disdain they share with him for international institutions, he provides useful insight into why conservatives are drawn to Putin.

But frankly, it’s not the abstract appeal of Putin’s macho nativist authoritarianism that draws America to Putin. It is the result of Putin’s campaign to both gain support in the West and at the same time weaken the Western alliance, and with it the determination and means to oppose it. An example of this came from the Biden administration, which shared a recent intelligence community review that found that Russia has spent more than $300 million over the past eight years to influence foreign elections.

Indeed, this conclusion is easy to conclude when you look at the progress made by Putin’s efforts to use active measures to overthrow Western democracies (in part by gaining support within them) and compare it to his miserable failures as a military strategist in Ukraine. That the former KGB lieutenant colonel should stick to the intelligence game.

However, given the GOP’s history of support for Putin and the rumblings that Republican leaders might want to turn back our aid to Ukraine at exactly the wrong time – it’s entirely possible that Putin had the last laugh. He opened the second front in the West.

On April 6, 2022, in Bucha, Ukraine, a man pushed his bike through the rubble and destroyed Russian military vehicles in a street.

Chris McGrath / Getty

For this reason, American voters believe that it is not only US democracy that will be voted on in November; It is the fate of democracies everywhere that is threatened by Putin and his Autocratic Axis.

US rights and freedoms are not the only ones that will suffer if the GOP wins; are those of our friends – for example, Ukraine and other states currently threatened by Russia, and who may have been inspired by Russia’s success in Ukraine. For reasons made clear by the GOP leadership, voters should vote as the future of Ukraine and the Western world, not just America’s future.