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Phillies and Padres score: Philadelphia beat four homers, crazy 4.

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The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the San Diego Padres 10-6 in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series on Saturday night. The Phillies lead 3-1 over the Padres in a best-of-seven series to Game 5 on Sunday. With the win, the Phillies will advance to their first World Series since 2009, awaiting the winner of the Houston Astros and New York Yankees American League Championship Series. (The Astros are leading this series 3-0.)

The Phillies fell behind early and the Padres took a 4-0 lead at the start of the first half. Philadelphia responded with three runs of its own in the lower half of the frame, and looked both starting pitchers out before the second inning. The Phillies would later tie the game in fourth place.

The Padres regained the lead in fifth place with two running shots from Juan Soto for the first time in the postseason. Unfortunately, it wasn’t San Diego’s night. The Phillies’ stars went on the attack once again, turning a 6-4 deficit to 10-6 in three innings. Rhys Hoskins had two home runs, Bryce Harper had a double RBI double, and both Kyle Schwarber and JT Realmuto added solo homers for insurance runs.

The Phillies bullpen managed to keep that lead up the rest of the way. As a result, the Phillies are now one victory away from claiming the NL pennant.

Here are six more things to know about the Phillies’ Game 4 win.

beginners stumble

Phillies pitcher Bailey Falter made two quick starts to start the game, but that’s it. He left a home run to Manny Machado before singles, walks and doubles, and his day finished with the Padres already leading 3-0. It would have been 4-0 before he got to the bottom of the first. A featured single followed by a Rhys Hoskins home run, a walk followed by a Bryce Harper double meant it was 4-3, and so did Padres starter Mike Clevinger. Clevinger did not record an exit.

This was the second time in MLB playoff history that no anthem had come out of the first. The full story is here.

Martinez, Brogdon gets things done.

Unlike the starters, the Padres’ saver Nick Martinez and the Phillies’ saver Connor Brogdon were excellent in the early game and took things in mid-kicks on the 4-3 Padres. Brogdon allowed his inherited runner to score in one shot, but that would be the only shot he gave up in 2 1/3 halves.

Martinez was better. In fact, he was an extraordinary person. He retired all nine hits he faced in three perfect hits. It hit three of them and caused poor contact.

Padres left-hander Sean Manaea, on the other hand, was sacrificed for five runs in 1 1/3 innings, allowing the Phillies to take the lead in a four-stage fifth inning.

Soto’s big bang

Juan Soto has been relatively quiet in these playoffs. Damn, he’s been relatively quiet since the Padres made a huge leap ahead of trade history to get him. Before Game 4, Soto was reaching .231/.302/282 in the playoffs. He had a big stunt double in Game 2, but that was essentially his big impact at this point.

But at the start of the fifth half of Game 4, Soto came.

Early in the game, some Phillies fans could be heard shouting “exaggerated” slogans. Soto hit five home runs in the 2019 playoffs on his way to the Nationals World Series title. This was the first homer of the 2022 playoffs.

Phillies stars are back

The Phillies were not deterred by Soto’s escape from his home. On the contrary, the top of their order worked in the bottom half of the fifth.

The rally kicked off as Rhys Hoskins kicked off the night’s second home run to tie the game 6-6. Hoskins’ performance was the eighth multi-homer postseason game in Phillies history. According to Sarah Langs of

JT Realmuto would walk, then score twice as Bryce Harper to give the Phillies a new lead. Harper would later score himself on an interesting Nick Castellanos singles that bounced from second base and put the Phillies up by an 8-6 lead.

The Phillies aren’t finished either. In the sixth, Kyle Schwarber took a big hit on his own and widened the lead to 9-6:

And then in seventh place, Realmuto took a home run of his own to make it 10-6:

Add them all up and the Phillies’ top five hitters – Schwarber, Hoskins, Realmuto, Harper and Castellanos – had nine innings, four home runs and nine innings.

What does history say about the Phillies’ chances?

The Phillies are up 3-1 in the series with their Saturday night win. Historically, teams that lead 3-1 in a best-of-seven series then go on to win the series by 85 percent, according to WhoWins. That seems to bode well for the Phillies’ chances of promotion to their first World Series since 2009. Who knows, they might even end the series in front of their own audience on Sunday.


We’ll do it again with Game 5 on Sunday afternoon. This will be a matinee as the first pitch is set for 2:37 PM ET (weather permitting).

On the mound, there will be a Game 1 rematch. Yu Darvish was very good in the playoffs, allowing only two solo games in seven innings against the Phillies on Tuesday. Of course, he was left behind by Phillies veteran Zack Wheeler. Wheeler gave up just one kick and one walk in seven goalless hits.

After what we just witnessed in Game 4, both teams are probably hoping to get length from these starts again.