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'Peripheral' Premiere Recap - Chloe Grace Moretz Amazon Series

Peripheral Unit about to take virtual reality to a whole new extreme.

In Prime Video’s latest sci-fi soirée (first two episodes now airing, new episodes coming out Fridays), a young woman from a small town named Flynne Fisher (Chloe Grace Moretz) picks up a futuristic gaming headset she’s found. she eventually puts him and his family in danger. What he initially assumed were fictional facts starts to feel more real than ever as he and his brother quickly learn that the system they’re beta testing isn’t just a game. Much more dangerous than that.

Read on for a summary of Part 1 (and be sure to check out Dave Nemetz’s review here).

In London 2099, a man named Wilf sits on a park bench watching the city around him while a young girl named Aelita (looks like an avatar?) sits. She says she saved his life; says he’ll save the world (but “ours world”). Everything is so cryptic and deliberately so.

Somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2032, we meet Flynne, a young woman caring for her sick, bedridden mother. His brother Burton lives outside in a trailer and is hooked up to a diesel gaming chair, VR glasses and all. The duo tests videos to make ends meet, which includes their mother’s very expensive medication. We see Flynne himself quite the gamer when Burton lets his sister sit in the hot seat.

Flynn works for a 3D printing company and says his colleague Burton bought a “remote control device.” The package contains components that aren’t even patented yet, and as the client requests a chain of custody, Flynne has to scan his eyeball to bring him home.

Burton kept this cutting-edge VR mix for beta testing, and the longer they play, the more they’ll earn. We learn that Flynne’s gaming skills are actually better than his brother’s, so he needs his help with the tests. He reluctantly agrees and puts the sucker on his head. The device has no screen, but when he counts down from 10, he races through London at night on a motorcycle. A voice asks if he’s like any other sim he’s experienced, but he’s not; he can to feel everything that happens to the avatar (his brother in simulation now). The voice directs him to Buckingham Palace and tells him to go inside.

A corporate party is taking place and a woman named Marielle is told to approach and persuade her to take her home. Flynne makes the task run fast. He is then ordered to stun the lady with a mysterious substance inside a light bulb, but as soon as he does, he is attacked by the robotic driver. There is a fierce struggle, but Flynne is able to pick it up and jump into the driver’s seat. He enters a new place and meets the woman who is the voice in his head. After a few cryptic possibilities, the woman says they will resume the mission tomorrow, she says.

Environmental Amazon Chloe Grace MoretzFlynne comes out of the sim and his head is high, that is, until he gets dizzy and needs to sit up. When he gets better, he goes to a bar to buy some pills for his mother, but he doesn’t have enough money. Conner, an amputee, comes to his defense and speaks, immortality someone to joke about. The drug dealer and his followers finally give him what he needs. Inside, the boss of the dealers isn’t happy that they’ve been recruited by a drunk, disabled man. He breaks his employee’s face into a glass to make him look weak.

When Flynne returns to see his brother, he finds his brother crippled in pain; its back is adorned with glowing dots and pulsating veins. The next morning, her mother explains that Burton gave her the extra pills. Looks like this family will never be able to take a break.

Flynne enters the simulation once again, this time waking up (as Burton) on an operating table. There’s an eyeball in a jar, and the woman last time orders people to remove “Burton’s” eye and replace it with a jarred eye. (I hope you’re not shy!) Flynne wakes up in a car. They arrive at a building and Flynne is given access with a fresh eye. They take the elevator down and enter a long corridor. They are pursued by a man who wants to kill them. He calls the mysterious woman “Aelita” and defeats her with a sonic boom device, sheyamajig. “Burton” notices that his hand looks like a robot and while he tangos with the villain, Aelita escapes. “Burton” brings a sonic boom to his head, and when that happens, Flynne wakes up and vomits. “Never again!” she shouts.

The next day he tells his friend Billy about the new technology. “I can’t help but think that I was actually there,” she says. “Not just another sim.” That’s a little frustrating, isn’t it?

While at work, Flynne receives a signal from Wilf to his SmartWatch that tells him he is in serious danger and needs to re-enter the simulation. She tells him not to call her again. As he closes in at work, Wilf reconnects with him through the store’s tech. He says his family is the target of a contract murder and he cannot help him unless he logs on again. He takes his things and runs away. When he tells his brother and his friends what happened, they laugh about it. For the haha, they fly a drone to see if anyone is around and find a group of men hiding in the forest. And I don’t know exactly what these guys threw towards Fisher’s house (some kind of explosive device?), fail be good.

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