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Narwal Freo may be the smartest robot vacuum around

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The robot mop and vacuum market is a competitive one, filled with the same old products over and over again. To change that, the Narwal Freo is a smart robot vacuum and mop combination packed with pads to features.

Narwal is a relatively new company. First robot vacuum/mop launch in mid-2021. The company’s first vacuum was the impressive and competitive Narwal T10. The T10 was one of the top choices when it came to robot mops, as the mop design was much more robust than on the market.

To develop this design, Narwal introduces Freo, another robot vacuum and mop combination that takes things to a whole new level. Narwal Freo has more suction power than T10, it comes in 3000 pa – over 1000 pa than T10. Additionally, the Narwal Freo can set out for mopping and sweeping in the same operation, without the need to change accessories before operating.

The smartest cleaning

With five different cleaning modes, Freo seemingly fits easily into any home. First, you can sweep or mop in one session, or have Freo do both at the same time. What sets Freo apart is the fourth mode, which allows the robot to vacuum first and then return to its starting point and mop. This mode ensures that the dust no longer gets wet, making it even more difficult to clean.

The final mode is a game changer, aptly called “Freo mode”. Freo mode allows the robot to take some creative control when cleaning floors. This mode prioritizes clean floors, making multiple passes until no more dirt detected by DirtSense technology is truly cleaned. On top of that, the Narwal Freo has a feature called Smart Swing that allows the robot to swing around with its rear mop pads and brush the edges of the floor.

With the Freo mode, the vacuum will also adjust the pressure and humidity of the mop on wood and tile floors, as long as you set it in the app. This ensures that your wood floors will not swell and damage over time, which is pretty neat.

Designed to clean

Physically, the Narwal Freo is equipped with all the sensors and accessories of a high-end robot vacuum and mop. The bottom has several cliff sensors and a carpet sensor. There is also a wall tracking sensor on the side. In addition, there is a middle roller brush and two side brushes. The side brushes will automatically stop rotating and closing when in contact with the clean floor to minimize dirt movement.

What really makes this robot a great option are the dual triangular mop pads that run towards the back of the robot. The pads have a capacity of 180 rpm and are pressurized for a deeper clean and lift as the robot sweeps so they don’t drag on the floor.

At the top of the robot is a LiDAR scanner for mapping your entire home, as well as an infrared sensor for obstacles in front of you.

More efficient cleaning with 5 cleaning modes

The Narwal Freo on its own would be a really good robot vacuum/mop, no questions asked. Better still, it takes care of washing the mop pads after the sole has traveled a certain distance. After that, these mop pads are dried with double 40 degree hot wind to kill any bacteria completely.

A neat key feature of the Freo is the touchscreen at the top of the base that lets you adjust settings easily and quickly. This is great for those who want to change a setting on a dime from the base itself, rather than researching an app on their phone.

Overall, the Narwal Freo is a great robot vacuum and mop option for just about anyone. With self-cleaning mop pads and a smarter mode than detecting dirt and changing the game plan in place, the Freo is probably the most used robot mop and vacuum of the year.

From now until October 23, you can pre-order the Narwal Freo for $200 off the company’s website. That brings it down to $1099.

Pre-order the Narwal Freo

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