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Mindy Kaling Considers Matt Lauer's 'Disgusting' Comment on Anne Hathaway

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Actor and writer Mindy Kaling was applauded for comments praising the way actor Anne Hathaway addressed inappropriate comments made by disgraced former NBC journalist Matt Lauer in a 2012 interview.

Kaling commented on: HANDS The annual Celebration of Women in Hollywood by her magazine, where Hathaway is honored with an award presented by Kaling.

On the podium, Kaling described Hathaway’s sending of Lauer as the moment she “falls in love” with the Oscar-winning actress.

The incident occurred during a 2012 interview about the release of the movie adaptation. miserablesThe movie for which Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2013.

Kaling told the crowd:

“From the age of 18 [Hathaway] He’s been objectified regularly, and although I love him as an actor, I’ll tell him whenever I fell in love with him.”

Kaling later recounted how Lauer questioned Hathaway in a thought-provoking and accusatory way about a photo of Hathaway in a skirt taken by a paparazzi as she got out of a car at the movie’s premiere.

“The next morning on Today, Matt Lauer said, ‘I’ve been seeing you a lot, Anne Hathaway lately,’ by punishing him for misbehaving like this.

Kaling later quoted Lauer:

“First of all, it’s gross. Are you like a lame uncle at Thanksgiving?”

Kaling later explained that Lauer asked Hathaway if she had learned any lessons from the experience, as if it were her fault.

As Kaling explains, Hathaway gave an excellent response:

“Annie simply replied, ‘It upset me in two ways.'”

“We live in an age where someone takes a photo of someone in a vulnerable moment and sells them instead of deleting them and doing the right thing.”

“‘And I’m sorry we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of reluctant participants’.”

Lauer would be fired from NBC in 2017 for sexual harassment and assault charges.

On Twitter, people liked what Kaling had to say about the situation.

Many others were also excited to see that Hathaway looked so attractive and happy. HANDS At the Women In Hollywood event, she talked about the so-called “Hathahat” reaction she experienced when she won the Oscar.

Hathaway certainly didn’t let those negatives stop her. next movie, Armageddon TimeIt’s coming out next week and there are six more in the making.