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Giants aim to increase their winning power with their victory over Jaguars

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. “Wait, don’t hope.

This is how giants move from day to day, from game to game.

Xavier McKinney told The Post, “As we pile up wins, a lot of guys go into that mode where we go into matches and expect to win, you know?” said.

For too long, no one around the Giants really knew what that meant. Nothing much stacked up except losses and disappointment. By human nature, even the most optimistic and fiery Giants player couldn’t get into every game almost every week when the worst was on their doorstep, thinking the best was yet to come.

Did Randy Bullock’s 47-yard shot sail to the left as soon as the clock ticked, allowing the Giants to escape Tennessee in a 21-20 season-opening victory? positive surprise? Did the flexibility to go into matches, shake off slow starts and produce fast finishes – point totals in the four quarters from 16 to 24, 39 to 48 – made the Giants believe they would persevere no matter what?

Giants adopt Brian Dabolll
The Giants embraced Brian Dabolll’s philosophy of “competitive endurance”.
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Kicking off their meeting with the Jaguars at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday, no doubt winning five of their first six games, he did something to strengthen the team.

“We are confident,” McKinney said. “We rely on the way we operate, the way we prepare for these games, and it makes us ready to go there with a ‘Well, let’s win’ mentality rather than ‘Let’s go and survive’. We’re going there for a reason, and that’s to win the game. This is how we see it every week.”

That’s not how McKinney saw it in his first two seasons with the Giants. He came in as a second-round pick in 2020 after having great success in Alabama. It was supposed to be a building block for Joe Judge, but that coaching job only lasted two years, leaving McKinney 10-23 as an NFL player, and when it was time to start, he felt a negative mood creep into his deepest thoughts.

“This hasn’t been the mentality as a whole over the last few years,” McKinney said. “We didn’t get into the games much, we just didn’t feel a sense of confidence. But now we have that trust. We always played hard but I think it always started from the top down. Now we got that click and we’re ready to go any game.”

Whatever this “clique” is, the Giants want to hold it close to their hearts. They found a definitively precise formula for success, demonstrating the ability to close matches on defense and save their best offensively for the last. The ringleader is Daniel Jones, whose fourth-quarter comebacks have set an NFL record four times this season.

Jones said he knew the Giants were a “difficult bunch” and also pointed to a Dabolll methodology that triggered the desired results.

“He preached competitiveness,” Jones said. “That was one of the things he talked a lot about during boot camp until spring. I think men have really grasped that.”

Competition power?

“Being able to compete for the entire game for 60 minutes, no matter what, no matter what,” Jones said. “Being mentally and physically strong enough to compete for the whole game.”

The next easy game for the 2022 Giants will be the first. The Jaguars were down 2-1 for the Chargers’ 38-10 for new head coach Doug Pederson, who knew the Giants well from his days with the Eagles. colts Still, he’s got a team of talent, solid runs, and a number of high picks on the defensive, starting with sophomore quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

These Giants are waiting to win. And if they lose, it won’t be because they’re too full of themselves.

“Because we were at the bottom, we were at the bottom,” McKinney said. “We hit rock bottom so we know what it’s like to be there and a lot of guys don’t want us to go back there. I know I definitely don’t.”