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FINAL: Carolina 30 - Texas A&M 24

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It’s almost time for the South Carolina football team to hit the field. The sun is setting and the parking lots fill up as the Gamecocks (4-2, 1-2) prepare to battle Texas A&M at Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday night. The start time is set at 7:30 PM and will be broadcast on the SEC Network.

While the Gamecocks have had their fair share of offensive challenges this season, the Aggies (3-3, 1-2) have really struggled on this side of football. They have the lowest average points per game and there are questions that come into play regarding injuries on the quarterback and scrimmage line.

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3:08, 4Q – This should be the ball game. The defense played great football and provided a drive on the offensive end. MarShawn Lloyd had to go out for a couple of games but came back to score a four-yard field goal. Still the point fails after trying. Carolina 30 – Texas A&M 21

11:27, 4C – South Carolina forces TAMU to take a gamble after injuring QB Haynes King. Gamecocks own 7. Carolina 24 – Texas A&M 21

LAST 3Q – After a nice run that made the football run and force a three-pointer, a deep pass is made, but Rattler takes pressure from the blind side. Moore was beaten and Rattler made a mess. Aggies punches from inside the red zone. Ball game entering the fourth quarter. Carolina 24 – Texas A&M 21

3:20, 3Q – After a bad shot from the Aggies brought South Carolina’s attack closer to midfield, MarShawn Lloyd finally hears his number called several times. He scores a fantastic 18-yard field goal on the left, where he bounces off the stack and squirms through a double block from Jalen Brooks and Ahmarean Brown. Great run from Lloyd. Carolina 24 – Texas A&M 14

8:38, 3C – Teams swap tailstocks to start the first half. A&M made seven passes in seven games on their first ride and were eventually forced to gamble. A third and 2nd offense for the Gamecocks went the wrong way, and Kai Kroeger had the Aggies hooked at his own 4-yard line. Poor site location for visitors. Carolina 17 – Texas A&M 14

2:00, 2Q – South Carolina continues to be terrible on offense and has left the defense on the field for most of the game. Kroeger anchored the Aggies to his own 6-yard line, but TAMU walked the field with a 13-yard drive that spanned 8:04. A two-point conversion cuts the 17-point difference to three points. Carolina 17 – Texas A&M 14

LAST 1 – It was an eventful ending at 9:51 of the first quarter, but it wasn’t necessarily in a good way for the Gamecocks. It’s been a big game on both sides as the Aggies have some heap yards of play, TAMU has the ball, but the Gamecocks have some teams to lose as well. But the offense fails to accomplish anything, and Juju McDowell dives deep into his territory. TAMU has the second and 2nd ball at South Carolina’s 11-yard line. Carolina 17 – Texas A&M 3

9:51, 1Q – What an eventful five minutes and nine seconds. First, Xavier Legette returns the opening kick-off 104 yards to open the score. He broke right, overcame several interceptions, and ran untouched for the final 60 yards. Then Darius Rush was five yards away from a pick-6, but the Gamecocks were only able to score three points from it. Then the center kick bounces off Haynes King’s leg and hits Tonka Hemingway’s arms. Christian Beal-Smith takes a 6-yard touchdown run to command the Gamecocks, but still has a long time to play. Carolina 17 – Texas A&M 0