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Fair Cubs Prospects, White Sox Ozzie Guillen Interview, Very Happy Pups Anniversary, Very Weird Baseball Anniversary, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I’m seeing some friends this weekend for loads of sports, food, beer and – luckily this morning – coffee. Last night we watched NLCS and the Bulls on a projector using just a garage door as a screen. It was pretty great, I must say.

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  • If you want to get a little excited about how the Cubs should behave this off-season, Patrick Mooney writes that there really is no excuse for the Cubs not to make the playoffs in 2023. The opening sentence keeps things as clear as possible. : “It would be an organizational failure if the Cubs don’t make it to the playoffs next year.” The piece is more philosophical than analytical, but sometimes it’s a helpful reminder: The Cubs are a big market team in a division where there’s no such competition, and they haven’t participated in a REAL and FULL postseason series in five years, and I haven’t won an end-of-season game at the same time.

There are no internal or external expectations that 2023 will be a championship or fall season at Wrigley Field. But in these depths of restructuring—the Darwin deal plus the two sales on the trade deadline and the wholesale changes to baseball operations introduced years ago—it’s not unreasonable to expect some major league-level results and responsibility. As Friedman told The New York Times, he explains the importance of trying to win that year while maintaining a strong position for the future: a cliff.”

  • Yesterday we received some important manager news about the Rangers hiring long-time highly successful and veteran manager Bruce Bochy for a three-year deal, which means Rangers will likely be very aggressive this season. About the impact with the Cubs later there.
  • According to NBCSC’s Michael Allardyce, the Chicago White Sox will REALLY be interviewing former manager Ozzie Guillen. The parties have already met and the meeting will come next week. Just to place a certain corner of the fan base? Or he’s genuinely interested in bringing back Ozzie, who was the Sox manager from 2004 to 2011. I’m not even saying that Ozzie is going to be a bad manager at this point, I’m just saying he’s having fun from afar and politely enjoy watching it all play out. After all, we absolutely enjoyed the White Sox. pre- remote management status.

“It’s not in my plans. I don’t know if the White Sox are in their plans,” Guillén told NBC Sports Chicago earlier this month. “I’m very open to listening to him, even if they think I can help them for next year.”

But Guillén agrees with fans calling for his return.

“Let me be smug,” Guillén said. “No one in baseball knows this ball club better than Ozzie Guillén.”

  • Meanwhile, Terry Francona and the Guardians have confirmed that the 63-year-old veteran will be returning to manage the team next season. Francona has dealt with health issues, but she’s endured well enough this year and wants to keep going.
  • Six years ago today, one of the most important doubles games in Chicago Cubs history:
  • And 22 years ago today, one of the most unstable moments in playoff history:
  • Roger Clemens claimed that he thought the rectangular piece of wood he had caught and threw at Mike Piazza was actually a baseball, which is of course absurd for at least two reasons.
  • The Bulls failed to make a comeback late last night, but the Blackhawks took a comeback win: