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Dwayne Johnson Reveals How Black Adam Got SPOILER in Mid-Credits Scene

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Black Adam.]

if you are a fan Henry Cavill‘s Superman, mid-credits scene black man it was incredible. The scene not only mocked his return to the DC universe, but also opened up the possibility of Cavill fighting Superman. Dwayne JohnsonBlack Adam is in a future movie. And as a huge fan of Cavill’s portrayal of Man of Steel, I couldn’t be more excited.

That said, while you might think the decision to put Superman on the mid-credits scene isn’t the wiser, consider the former. Shazam! the movie and how DC and Warner Bros. played with fans. If you don’t remember, Superman shows up, but he’s down the neck, so you have no idea who’s on the team, and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for Cavill fans like me. I left the cinema loving the movie and hating that scene.


Which brings me to my last interview with Dwayne Johnson. black man. I had heard from multiple sources that Johnson wanted Henry Cavill as Superman in the movie, but he was stepping back from the studio. For a long time, people told me that Cavill would be a cameo in the middle credits scene or the movie. But then I started to hear that it wouldn’t happen. It wasn’t until I saw the movie at its first press release in Los Angeles that I realized Johnson was shooting the movie and performing the cameo. You have no idea how happy I left the theater.

So when I sat down for an interview with Johnson, the first thing I asked him was how he was doing. After describing how he and his team have been friends with Cavill for many years (his business partner Danny Garcia is also Cavill’s manager), he said he wanted to give the fans what they wanted. But it wasn’t easy. He explained:

Collectively, it got to a point where I myself mean, Danny and Hiram (Garcia), we said, “This is how the movie should end. And I’ll give you another one, I’ll test it, and if it doesn’t,” we said. work, we’ll never talk about it again. Test it.” To their credit, we hit the new lead. They saw him and said, “We don’t even need to test.”

As he said, it was the new leadership at WB that greenlighted Cavill’s return as Superman, which seems to have prevented that from happening sooner than the previous regime at WB/DC.

In addition to talking about Superman and how it happened, Johnson talked about why he wanted the great fight scene between himself and Hawkman, from the importance of doing his due diligence to Black Man’s character and mythology (which was meant to show Black Man killing people). Showcasing Black Adam’s superpowers and showing off someone who can move incredibly fast.

See what Johnson had to say in the player above, or you can read our talk below.

black man managed by Jaume Collet-Serra and also stars Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo and Quintessa Swindell. black man produced by beau flynnHiram Garcia, Johnson and Dany Garcia.

COLLIDER: Sir, I want to start with congratulations.


I feel like I’ve been talking to you about this movie for 10 years.


And I can’t believe I’m there black man He’s talking to you about Black Adam.

JOHNSON: This is crazy.

This. I have to start-

JOHNSON: More than 10 years.

It’s been forever.


Multiple set visits. Anyway, after the credits I heard that you were the reason for something, I heard that you were directly responsible and I wanted to know why it was so important to you, that it be included in the movie?

JOHNSON: Sure. We are friends with the person we are talking about.

By the way, I’m trying to be nice to the people in the room who haven’t seen him.

JOHNSON: Right. I mean, the person you’re talking about, who’s in it? black manWell, here’s the big surprise. That person, we are good friends. This person is very good friends with my business partner, Danny Garcia, who has worked very closely to defend his career as a manager over the years. Our President, Hiam Garcia, is friends with that person. We’ve all known each other for a very long time, over 10 years.

When I told fans, “The power hierarchy in the DC universe is about to change.” I enjoyed saying this. Some rumblings started. Then he said, “I feel like there’s a new era set to happen in the DC universe.” I changed it to.

Now, that new age I was talking about, trying to promote the movie wasn’t just an exaggeration. What I meant by that were a few things. The first was that we had the opportunity to truly expand the DC universe. A universe I love, I DC raised the kid, you too. And I’m still a big-ass DC kid. It’s like nothing has changed. That’s why we have the opportunity to expand and introduce five new characters from DC Bible, Black Adam and JSA. And if you do your homework and know your mythology, you’ll see where some of the other characters might go with them.

Expansion. Also, when I say that a new era is beginning in the DC universe, it means listening to the fans and really paying attention to them. And not only do you say you’re listening to them, you’re actually listening to them. And what I’ve been a little disappointed with over the years is when fans raise their voices and say something very loud and no one addresses them, and no leadership steps in and says, “Okay, we hear you. Here’s our plans, that’s where we’re going. You might not like it, but enough respect for you.” I hear you and we respect you enough. We’re going to have a dialogue.”

It was wasted. So when we say that, when I say, “This is a new era in the universe,” the fans listen. And we won’t always be able to do everything they want, but we will listen. So the person you’re talking about is not just a reflection of listening to the fans, but you also have a man who embodies Superman.

Listen, he’s great.


This role made me very happy and I know it will make many fans happy. I could go on with this, but let me move on to something else. One thing I was nervous about going into the movie was that you’re in a family orbit, playing a certain role, and I was nervous, “Is it really going to kill people?” And you obviously kill all the bad guys. You don’t throw any punches. Can you talk about this side of this Black Man, people… It’s great to see you…

JOHNSON: He’s brutal.

Yes. It was great to watch.

JOHNSON: Thank you, man. And that was very important to me because it was a real departure from everything I’ve done in my career in the past. And if I’m going to do it according to the character and mythology of the Black Man, the Black Man kills people, cuts them in half. He is ruthless and ruthless and feeds off the anger of losing his family. So I rushed to this opportunity to do that, not “Oh, I just need to kill people”. It was more than just, “What kind of challenge is that?” That’s why our director, Jaume Collet-Serra, really helped me get this character up. That’s why I was very happy.

I’m already out of time. I’ll just say-

JOHNSON: Go ahead.

Are you sure?

JOHNSON: Two more minutes, go ahead.

Alright. One of the things… By the way, thank you.

JOHNSON: And the reason I wanted to do this is because we had a conversation over 10 years ago, I don’t even remember it, but you said… Don’t start the clock yet. But you were talking to Kevin Feige and you told Kevin over 10 years ago… Where is Mia? Are you here? So 10 years ago he said to Kevin, I didn’t warn him, and we almost, maybe just met, but he said, “You know, the one person you should really consider being a superhero is Dwayne Johnson.” Man, I’ll never forget that. It was really important to me because you didn’t have to do this and I appreciate that.

I’m just going to point it out to you and you won’t remember it, and then I really want to ask you a separate question about the movie. But on GI Joesequel, you may not remember visiting you on set and…


… I’m persuading you to take a picture of us all and post it on Instagram so I can write that we’re on the set of the movie. Later that day, you took video of the vehicles. I was so happy because I said, “Oh, that’s a great story.” And that was the beginning…But let’s get into that. One of the things I love about the movie is the fight sequence between you, Hawkman and the apartment. This is cruel. Innovative, coolly shot. It’s different from what you see in all the other superhero movies. Can you talk about shooting that fight scene and how innovative and cool it was?

JOHNSON: Yes. Our director, Jaume, and he were really passionate about shooting this tight space. How do superheroes fight in this tight space? But it also really allowed us to showcase Black Adam’s superpowers to the world. So, in terms of moving at the speed of light, you can punch Hawkman and Black Adam can be right on the opposite side before Hawkman hits the wall. So fast. I really loved the fight that he was able to put together, that we were all in… It was brutal, but it was also really bad in those moments to show how tough Hawkman really was.

That’s a badass superhero, man. I mean, I loved all the Black Adam, Hawkman fights. I think we gave that to the fans. And overall, I feel like we introduced all the characters nicely. What do you think?

I can make a longer cut. But I think it’s great as Aldis Hawkman, and I think things between the two of you… I’d love to see more. I look forward to the sequel and I say this with all sincerity. Thank you for the post-credits scene, it meant a lot to me. I think this guy is great… you know. And I want to thank you because I really heard that it was you directly for making it happen.

JOHNSON: It got to the point where we all said, myself, Danny and Hiram, “The movie should end like this. I’ll give you another one, I’ll test it, and if it doesn’t work.” , we will never talk about it again. Test it.” To their credit, we hit the new leadership.

Of course. Yes definitely.

JOHNSON: You know who I’m talking about?


JOHNSON: New leadership. They saw it and said, “We don’t even need to test it.

black man now playing in theaters.