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Denver Broncos' Top Trade Trap and NFL Deadline Upcoming Goals

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The NFL trade date is November 1, and the Denver Broncos are in an awkward position. The Broncos have put a lot of hype on themselves in the off-season by portraying this team as play-off-or-bust caliber, but with a clumsy offense and sitting on a 2-4 record, the playoffs seem like an empty dream.

So the question is, does Denver become a buyer or seller as the trade date approaches? There’s an argument for both, so let’s first examine whether the Broncos are meant to be buyers.



Even though the Broncos were sitting at 2-4, they showed their brilliance on offense as a great and mostly consistent defensive defence. Unfortunately, the Broncos have dealt with injuries to multiple starting players and these losses are clearly hurting the team’s performance.