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Britain divided over Boris Johnson, likely running for prime minister again

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LONDON – Prime Minister of the time, Boris Johnson, made his signature with a colored line while standing in the British Parliament Building for the last time. “Hasta la vista baby,” he said, borrowing from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic “Terminator 2.” “Mission largely accomplished,” he told MPs with a long pause. “For now.”

That was just three months ago.

As Britain’s current prime minister, Liz Truss, ends her disastrously short term, the race to find a new leader of the Conservative Party is once again – in a way many Brits don’t believe – once again.

And there’s at least a chance that the new tenant on Downing Street No. 10 is the same as the old tenant. While Johnson has not yet officially entered the ring, his supporters and some right-wing newspapers say his return will be in the “national interest” – a possibility that has prompted intense backlash.

A few characters divide public opinion and arouse the generally moderate anger of British people like Johnson.

Race for UK prime minister begins (again) after Liz Truss resigns

The front pages of many British newspapers on Friday were based on Truss. Sun “Bojo: I’ll be back!” As the Daily Express asked: “He couldn’t…”

The Daily Mail has prepared its readers for a political note: citing Johnson’s former finance minister and rabid nemesis Rishi Sunak, “Boris v. Rishi: Fighting for the spirit of the Conservatives” is seen as a leading man to become the next prime minister.

Using the pseudonym Johnson one morning, the radio host “big dog” really could be taken out of the kennel?

“No no no no no no! Absolutely under no circumstances. Nonstop. Ever, ever, have you heard?” tweeted out British actor Stephen Fry. “Are you seriously considering it? #BorisJohnson Again? Is this really happening? … I actually hate living here” another online reviewer wrote.

The comeback rumors have thrown some of his own party into fits of rage.

“Go back to the beach,” said Conservative Party grandfather David Davis when asked about the possible return of Johnson, who is reportedly on vacation in the Caribbean.

“He got his chance,” former Conservative cabinet minister David Lidington told British radio on Friday. other politicians threatening To resign from the party if Johnson returns and runs as an independent candidate.

Why Liz Truss resigned as UK prime minister: A guide to chaos

hashtag”#BorisOrBreastWhile briefly trending on Twitter in the UK on Friday, many loyalists in the UK “Bring Back Boris” camp He was overjoyed in the face of rumors of resurrection on social media. “Come back boss. The country needs you, you’ve had enough of a break” tweeted out Conservative MP Marco Longhi.

“It’s simple. If the Conservative Party wants any chance to fight in the next General Election, there is only one man who can help them succeed in that task,” he said. Wrote Another online reference to Johnson’s sweeping election victory in 2019 and his ability to mobilize unconventional Conservative voters.

Johnson, who reportedly embarked on a lucrative speaking tour in the United States after a Caribbean vacation, is expected to return to London this weekend, his father, Stanley Johnson. said Friday morning talk show. “On the plane,” he added.

As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson bid farewell to the House of Commons on 20 July, his party voted to replace him. (Video: Reuters)

The process to become the next leader of the beleaguered Conservative Party has already been determined, and each candidate must receive more than 100 votes from the party’s members of Parliament to advance to the next round. There are currently 357 Conservative MPs in office.

Given the high bar, it’s possible that only one person could secure that number, meaning that a new prime minister could be formed on Monday, when candidates are close.

As of Friday, political experts and parliamentarians speculation Johnson has already secured close to 140 supporters.

If there is more than one successful candidate, then hopefuls are that the last two will be scaled down before being presented to the broader 170,000 members of the national Conservative Party. The authorities, who wanted the transfer of authority quickly, said that the competition would conclude by October 28 at the latest.

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Making his resignation speech before Parliament in July, Johnson made an interesting classical reference to Cincinnatus, a Roman lawmaker who renounced power and returned to his farm but only to be recalled from his plow to quell the chaos.

Winston Churchill, another of Johnson’s political heroes, also served as prime minister twice, from 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955 after the end of World War II.

Johnson’s tenure has been marked by a series of scandals after voters were upset by his refusal to accept accountability after “Partygate” when the mandate was accused of organizing parties while the rest of the UK adhered to severe coronavirus lockdown restrictions imposed by the government.

How many quarantine parties have Boris Johnson and his staff attended? Here is a guide.

He was the first incumbent prime minister to be fined by the police for breaking the law and is under investigation for lying to Parliament. He was dismissed under pressure from his own MPs, many of whom had lost confidence in him.

Conservative politician Crispin Blunt admitted that Johnson has “the most amazing skills”. However, he said Sky News on Friday reported that “there’s one or two weaknesses in that personality that kicks in.”

Johnson said he lacked the “character” needed to restore the party’s reputation amid the current crisis.

In the end, Liz Truss couldn’t take any more than a wilting lettuce

The Labor Party and most other political opposition groups call Rather than what they see as an internal Conservative Party, they are loudly trying to hold on to power for the general election.

Echoes are already globalizing. A foreign government that suggests Johnson might be happy to take back the reins in London: Kyiv.

Having traveled to Ukraine three times as prime minister since Russia’s February 24 invasion, Johnson made his name on the streets and pastries in the warring country, and was often praised for his solidarity from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.