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AEW Rampage recap and reactions (October 21, 2022): All-Orange Championship

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AEW anger (October 21, 2022) Arrived from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. The live show featured an All-Atlantic Championship defense from Orange Cassidy, a World Tag Team Championship defense from Acclaimed, an FTW Championship defense from Hook and much more.

Let’s jump right into a recap of the show and then the reactions.

Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone were in the comments. Dasha Gonzalez took over the ring announcer duties.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Acclaimed (c) vs. Varsity Athletes

The condition was that the trademark be sheared against the titles. Max Caster’s rap had references to beating NXT, beating Kanye West in the ratings, and driving Mark Sterling crazy. Sterling responded by giving people what they wanted. Sterling tried to cross with Tony Nese and Josh Woods, but the Claps attacked.

Billy Gunn was cheering for his men. The Varsity Athletes conspired to fire Daddy Ass. Sterling distracted the referee and imitated Woods Gunn’s physical intervention. Referee Stephon Smith cheated and sent Papa Gunn.

College Athletes isolated Caster. After landing on a flying crossbody, Caster reached out to Anthony Bowens to have the hot tag clean the house. Varsity Athletes regained control and teamwork at Bowens connected on the Olympic neck-breaking finisher. Caster made a save to break the pinfall. The match started to kick in. Bowens turned the tide to victory, and Acclaimed won with a Mic Drop combo finish on Joy.

Acclaimed defeated Varsity Athletes.

Later, Sterling fulfilled the requirement and retained the scissors brand. Billy put Sterling in the ring to crush the Clad’s lunatics. Bowens added a flying leg drop over the crotch. A scissors party celebration closed the stage.

Jade Cargill has signed with AEW. Since Penelope Ford was injured, Cargill allowed Leila Gray to take over for the show to continue. In return, Cargill requested the return of the TBS Championship from Nyla Rose.

Ortiz called Lucha Bros to intervene for Eddie Kingston. It’s gotten out of control lately. They don’t want Eddie’s anger to cost him his job. The PAC spoke of Kingston’s composure as they lost their big game at home at the Grand Slam. PAC shook its head in disgust. Kingston was offended by the presence of the PAC, but did not open his mouth to commit acts of violence. The Triangle of Death and Kingston went in separate directions.

FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Ari Daivari

Daivari offered Hook $50,000 in cash to purchase the FTW title. El Diablo Guapo threw the money out of Daivari’s hand and the fight continued. VSK was in the ring as Daivari’s butler. VSK lightened a bit in the match and caused a distraction. This allowed Daivari to stiffen the Hook for a flatliner. Hook took his shot and then smashed VSK. Hook threw a clothesline from Daivari onto the apron. The Champion hooked Redrum and pulled Daivari over the ropes into the hoop. Daivari jumped out, but Hook knocked him out anyway. Hook also smothered VSK.

Hook defeated Daivari.

The firm sent Private Party to wrestling academy to work on the foundations. Stokely Hathaway recruits Matt Hardy to wrestle Height. Hardy spat out some rap lines and Hathaway walked out in disbelief.

Leila Gray vs Willow Nightingale

Kiera Hogan was in the ring. He added a push kick to the ground to help his friend Baddie. Willow is rounded up for a spine breaker. Gray replied with a sideways Russian leg sweep. Willow is back for a suplex from behind. Hogan jumped onto the apron for a distraction, and Gray managed to roll over. Willow jumped out and then pushed Gray into Hogan. This paved the way for a massive power bomb for Willow to win.

Willow Nightingale defeated Leila Grey.

After the match, Tony Schiavone announced Willow as All Elite.

Jade came into the ring with a chair. Willow deserved the championship. Jade sat down and demanded the return of the TBS Championship. Nyla Rose appeared on the big screen to steal Jade’s car and drive away with the belt. Jade got very angry and threatened to stay in the ring to ruin it. anger. When security arrived, Jade kicked their asses. Jade left in a rage.

Footage has been released of how the entire Atlantic Championship main event is booked. Cassidy made a triple offer to 10 and Rush. The production cut the funny part when Tony Khan made the match official.

Mark Henry interviewed the main event attendees. Orange Cassidy joins Henry to imitate his lines. OC didn’t know why he was involved between 10 and Rush. Did you like it? He joined 10 to -1. The masked man was ready to kick Rush’s ass and walk away with the All-Atlantic title. Next to Rush was Assistant Jose. El Toro Blanco wanted to break their faces. Cassidy began to complete Henry’s autograph, but Henry interrupted him. That’s enough talk. Henry said, “It’s time for the main event!” he hung up.

AEW All Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Rush vs. 10

Cassidy brought the title in a backpack. Jose The Assistant and Danhausen were in the ring. As soon as the bell rang, Rush and 10 punched each other. Cassidy stood there watching. For the kicking routine for both contestants, hands are in their pockets and Rush punched the sucker 10. The action sprung up outside, and Rush made the race ugly with the Ingobernables’ 10-of-a-kind whip and strangle tactics, and Cassidy on camera cable.

As the match progressed, Cassidy took a suicide dive. Rush and 10 grabbed the OC for a double chokeslam on a table. Back in the ring, Cassidy went 10 for a stun and Rush a whirlwind DDT. OC threw a disc lasso from 10 to contra for Beach Break. 1, 2 took Jose Cassidy off the cover. Danhausen got into Jose’s groin for a light fuck.

Rush pushed Danhausen to Cassidy. El Toro Blanco did a core-to-navel suplex towards the corner in OC. 10 gives Rush a spine breaker and Cassidy a wheelbarrow revived for the German suplex. From Discus lariat to OC! 1, 2, Rush broke the pin.

Rush turned sideways, loosening the 10’s mask, blocking his view. Rush returned a Superman punch from Cassidy. Rush fell out of the ring. 10 went for a discus lasso and Cassidy countered for a Beach Break. He blocked 10 moves, but Cassidy had a rebound. OC put his hands in his pockets to secure the triple count.

Orange Cassidy defeated Rush and 10.

The era of the All-Orange Championship has begun at AEW. Orange Cassidy beat Rush and 10th to retain the AEW All-Atlantic Championship. The action had a smooth flow to feel like a true trio. This helped preserve the mystery for the finish. I expected Cassidy to continue but the road to get there was well executed. Cassidy giggled all night, especially as she copied Mark Henry. In the ring, Cassidy had her fair share of pellets to set her ‘little man’ win against her more muscular opponents. He was strong in 10 defeats. He didn’t like sharing the ring with the bigger stars Cassidy and Rush.

The match between the acclaimed and the Varsity Athletes served the story. In the process, the Claps pick up wins to prove they weren’t by chance as champions. The action was adequate but never got into a higher gear. Stupidity with Mark Sterling had a satisfying payoff. Best of all, let the scissors party continue.

Willow Nightingale and Leila Gray had a good match. Determining the bottom card pecking order was competitive. I would rather see this level anger more than an easy squash match. It gives us a chance to observe and take in the little things that depend on our personal preference to create a deeply rooted interest in the future. Three cheers for Willow becoming All Elite. It has tremendous potential. Willow’s energy is contagious. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes a top fan favorite as a face of the episode in the future.

The most interesting part of the evening was the intervention of Eddie Kingston. This story has potential for several layers. Will he lose his friends? Is he going into a violent frenzy? I wonder what Kingston’s tipping point will be one way or another. This brings me to a problem with Hook’s ending. The Redrum elevator on the ropes was a nuisance. However, Kingston’s punishment doesn’t feel right, and rightfully so, Hook strangled his opponent after the bell without result. Add Jade Cargill, who beat the security. If the idea is for Kingston to go beyond his goon status, AEW may need to soften those other situations so fans don’t see Kingston as a victim of unequal punishment.

B level-

Solid show. Nothing great, but nothing weak. He was in that sweet spot of entertainment until late on Friday.

share your thoughts about anger. How would you rate this? What were your favorite moments from the show?