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5 things you need to know for October 21: Liz Truss, Ukraine, Covid-19, Student loans, Uvalde

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If you’re flying on an American Airlines trip outside the US, the front of the plane will look a little different. The airline said it was removing its first class cabin on international flights as customers failed to purchase increasingly expensive tickets.

Here are other things you should know Speed ​​Up Your Day and Keep It Going.

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After a disastrous six-week tenure, Liz Truss announced her resignation as UK prime minister on Thursday, making her Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister ever. As Truss climbed to the top, economic policy recommendations caused the British pound to slide to its lowest level in decades against the US dollar. The turmoil caused government bond prices to rise and negatively affected people’s pension funds. The rise in interest rates also strained mortgage repayments, and lenders struggled to pull their products off the market – almost overnight, dashing prospective homeowners’ hopes. Faced with the anger of his own party, Truss fired the finance minister, lost the interior minister, and created even more divisions in the Conservative Party. Another election will be held in a week and the next prime minister is expected to be announced on 28 October.

The EU and UK announced new sanctions on Iran, which this week refuses to supply Russia with drones used to launch deadly attacks in Ukraine. Iran has repeatedly said it is not involved in providing “kamikaze” drones to Russia, despite growing evidence to the contrary. The White House said on Thursday that Iranian military personnel had visited Crimea using drones to assist with Russian operations targeting civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. National Security Council communications coordinator John Kirby said the presence of Iranian personnel is evidence of Tehran’s direct involvement in the conflict. “They can lie to the world, but they certainly cannot hide the truth,” he said.

CNN reporter caught in Russian artillery strike

A flurry of new Covid-19 variants seems to be gaining traction globally, raising fears of a winter wave. The new numbers show coronavirus cases in the U.S. falling, but estimates from the CDC suggest that the few variants that emerged last week accounted for almost 1 in 3 new infections nationwide. Some experts think this convergence means that we are entering a new phase in the evolution of the virus that will see several variants circulate simultaneously. Experts say that updated booster vaccines and antiviral drugs such as Paxlovid are expected to continue to protect against serious consequences from Covid-19 infections caused by the new variants.

gupta screenshot vpx

Does the approaching winter mean a new wave of Covid-19?

The Supreme Court rejected President Joe Biden’s attempt to block the student loan forgiveness plan from going into effect. Judge Amy Coney Barrett dismissed an appeal brought by a group of Wisconsin taxpayers who argued that Biden did not have the legal authority to implement the program. In the court filing, the group’s lawyers argued that the program would be a “staggering blow” to the US Treasury and taxpayers. The Independent Congressional Budget Office estimates that Biden’s program could cost $400 billion. Meanwhile, the Biden administration argues that Congress has empowered the secretary of education to pay off debt in a 2003 law known as the HEROES Act. Student loan debt cancellations of up to $20,000 per eligible borrower can begin Sunday.

Christine Romans 0825

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan: Who’s helping, who isn’t

A Texas state police chief who tried to delay a law enforcement officer from entering classrooms to end the Robb Elementary massacre is now among those under investigation. Sources tell CNN that Captain Joel Betancourt ordered his officers to stay away from the school in the first response to the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. For more than an hour after he started shooting, no action was taken against the gunman or to assist those trapped inside. 19 children and 2 teachers lost their lives in the attack. CNN has received a new audio recording showing Captain Betancourt ordering an assault team to wait more than 70 minutes for the attack. Betancourt said he thinks a more talented team is on the way.

texas dps captain 102022

New video reveals Texas DPS captain giving standby order during Uvalde shoot

Steve Bannon will be tried today

Steve Bannon, former top adviser to President Donald Trump, will be sentenced today after being found guilty of contempt of Congress by a jury for defying a subpoena from the House of Representatives selection committee investigating the US Capitol attack on January 6. Bannon is serving a minimum of 30 days in prison under federal law, but prosecutors want him to serve six months. In addition to the prison sentence, the government is seeking a $200,000 fine.

Steve Bannon, former advisor to Donald Trump, arrived in federal court in Washington, DC, USA on Friday, July 22, 2022.  He urged a federal judge to acquit him because the evidence presented by prosecutors was so weak.  Photographer: Eric Lee/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Hear how Steve Bannon reacted to the guilty verdict

Taylor Swift’s new album released at midnight

For many Swifties around the world, nothing is more important today than learning the lyrics to the pop star’s new album “Midnights.”

Elon Musk’s perfume that started as a joke is running out in a little over a week

With his new fragrance “Burnt Hair,” Musk seems to want people to be fragrant. Watch the video here.

Here are the nominees for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

This photo gallery of animals doing funny things will make your day so much better.

This is the right way to taste olive oil

Yes, there is a technique that will help you bring out all the flavors of your olive oil. Watch CNN’s Stanley Tucci learn the proper method from the experts at an olive farm in Puglia, Italy.

Jury finds Kevin Spacey not responsible for battery

Thursday’s decision was a big win for the actor, but he still faces a tough battle going forward.

Groundbreaking movie star Anna May Wong will be the first Asian American to stand behind which US currency?

a penny

B. penny

C. Quarter

D. dollar

Take CNN’s weekly news quiz here to see if it’s true!

Tony BrownThe league said the longtime NBA referee died Thursday after battling pancreatic cancer. He was 55 years old. Over 20 seasons, Brown managed more than 1,100 regular season games and 35 playoff games by league. “Tony Brown was one of the most successful referees in the NBA and an inspiration to his colleagues,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Several NBA legends shared about the famous referee on social media – to Brown “a great referee but a bigger man!” including Lebron James.

$162 million

Indian regulators fined Google so much for anti-competitive practices. The heavy penalty came after the Competition Commission of India concluded that Google has an unfair competitive advantage in the market because it has Android operating software and allows some of its own products, such as YouTube and Google search, to come pre-installed. On all devices running Android.

“Our hearts go out to his family, friends and many others who knew and loved him.”

– Princeton UniversityThe Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement after the body of missing student Misrach Ewunetie was found on campus on Thursday. The disappearance of 20-year-old Ewunetie six days ago prompted university officials to intensify their search for the little boy. Authorities added that the body was found behind tennis courts on the university grounds and had “no signs of injury and his death was not suspicious or criminal.” The university described the death as “an unthinkable tragedy”.

snow fcst

Quiet for now but the storm is coming


– Source: CNN

Check your local forecast here>>>

Meet Bran, the puzzle solver raven

Watch this short video of a clever raven who can solve challenges quickly. (And if you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan, you might already recognize the clever name… click here to view.)